Mahmoud Shakarchi’s humble background deprived him of a full education and consequently he made schooling one of his priorities for his children and grandchildren. The Mahmoud Foundation was established to perpetuate his legacy by offering scholarships to young women in the Middle East to allow them to attend the best universities.

Mahmoud Fondation

1 Mahmoud Fondation

Mahmoud Shakarchi was a businessman, innovative thinker and throughout his lifetime supported those less fortunate than him. To ensure that Mahmoud’s legacy of helping others prevailed, his children established the Foundation Mahmoud Shakarchi pour Oeuvre et Bienfaisance to support underprivileged families in their home country of Lebanon.

Over the past 16 years the foundation has expanded its scope to support projects, organisations and institutions that can contribute towards a more sustainable and peaceful society in the Middle East. 

The Foundation Mahmoud Shakarchi pour Oeuvre et Bienfaisance, is a private Swiss foundation based in Geneva and does not receive any sources of outside funding. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.