Fondation MKS is a private foundation established in 1999 to honor the legacies of Mahmoud and Leila Shakarchi and their commitment to improving education for future generations. With education at the core of its activities, the foundation's mission is to empower individuals to reach their maximum educational potential, enabling them to give back more effectively to their communities.

Fondation MKS

1 Fondation MKS

The foundation provides direct assistance to beneficiaries and financial support to local non-profit organisations, aiming at fortifying the pillars of learning, understanding, and educational access. For specific endeavors, Fondation MKS joins forces with local partners to ensure the successful execution of its initiatives. The foundation's financial resources stem from the MKS PAMP GROUP, which contributes up to 3% of its annual profits. The foundation has a presence in Switzerland, Lebanon, and the USA.