The MKS PAMP GROUP is a vertically integrated precious metals products and services group, offering a global clientele the most comprehensive service solutions available, from mine financing to refining, fabrication, physical and financial trading, through to complete transport and storage options. We are a unique partner for all participants in precious metals markets, including central and commercial banks, mining companies, government and private mints, bullion dealers and jewelers.


The MKS PAMP GROUP covers all aspects of precious metals trading: financial, physical, electronic and on-exchange. We are present on every major exchange as well as active in local markets through MKS...


The MKS PAMP GROUP enjoys a unique position in the refining industry, as it provides fully redundant solutions through its refineries in Switzerland and India.

Vaulting & Storage

The MKS PAMP GROUP offers world-class vaulting facilities in a number of locations that can provide tailored storage solutions.

Treasury Services

The MKS PAMP GROUP offers a comprehensive range of Treasury Services from hedging and liquidity risk management through to specialised financing solutions that help our clients manage supply chain-rel...