Sustainability is a core principle of the MKS PAMP GROUP and is a key criteria for benchmarking all our operational activities. Setting the highest standards of integrity, accuracy, honesty, fair dealing, treating people with dignity and respect, and full compliance with all applicable laws are an integral part of this principle and are enshrined in our group code of conduct
In addition, we have set up robust procedures to ensure that our partners and the companies in our supply chain are acting responsibly. In particular, we perform risk-based due diligence, including interviews, documentation reviews, transaction reviews and on-site visits to ensure the following:


• Proper determination of the origin of mined precious metals
• Legality of operations
• Conflict-free minerals 
• Appropriate health & safety measures
• Procedures to combat money laundering and terrorism financing
• Measures to fight human right abuse, including child labour
• Responsible environmental and social practices at mine site

Responsible Sourcing

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