The MKS PAMP GROUP is committed to supporting local communities surrounding its operations through education and sanitation programs as well as sporting and social events. We aim to improve, where possible, the overall living conditions of the local population in each area in which we operate. Every year, a part of the group’s profits is invested in continuous CSR efforts.


1 MMTC-PAMP Actions

MMTC-PAMP India has a reputation for being an ethical and transparent business that ensures the welfare of its employees through various HR strategies. The company also understands the needs of its surrounding community and is committed to help improve living standards in these areas through education, sanitation and healthcare.  Please find hereafter a few examples of their latest actions:

In December 2015, two water treatment plants with hot /cold water facilities and storage capacity of 500 liters each were installed at Mewat Model School Girls Hostel-Nuh, which has 961 students, and at Mewat Model Girls School-Khanpurghati with a student population of 1,190. A water purification system of 250 klph was also inaugurated at Civil Hospital, Mandikhera Mewat, to address an urgent need as the hospital had no drinking water. The installation will benefit the 600-700 patients a day at the outpatients’ department as well as the 38 doctors at the hospital and their supporting staff.

In November 2015, MMTC-PAMP donated books and educational material for a state-level road safety quiz competition to Asst. Superintendent of Police, Mewat Deepak Gahlawat. The aim is to organise an inter-school road safety quiz to improve road safety and create awareness about traffic rules and regulations among students in Mewat district. More than 140,000 people die in accidents on Indian roads every year and the last decade has seen an increase of more than 50% in the number of road accident deaths. 

In October of the same year, the foundation stone for the multipurpose hall with sanitary facilities was laid at Rojka Meo Police station. This is the second such police station hall that MMTC-PAMP is building. The aim is to provide safe drinking water, sanitation and a common-room facility, especially for women, senior citizens and economically-deprived groups visiting the police station.

MKS PAMP's Actions

2 MKS PAMP's Actions

MKS PAMP has been a pioneer in making transparency and social responsibility the cornerstones of both its operational activities as well as its management philosophy. The company is committed to protecting the people who come into contact with it, either directly or indirectly. That means caring for the well-being of employees and the local community. For example, MKS PAMP is sponsoring local educational programmes as well as the AS Castello football club.  

The implications of a management philosophy shaped by sustainability are very broad and extend throughout the production chain to make sure it is genuinely sustainable. In May 2014, MKS PAMP obtained the SA8000 certification, an international standard that sets requirements for ethically correct conduct towards workers, and represents a major milestone for MKS PAMP and its workforce. MKS PAMP is the sixth company in Switzerland and the first precious metals refinery in the world to earn this prestigious mark of recognition.