Art has always been very dear to the founding family of the group. A collection has been curated over the years and remains in constant evolution, reflecting a balance between well-established artists and emerging ones.


1 Collection

The corporate collection has been built by both Ms. Karma Shakarchi-Liess and Mr. Marwan Shakarchi. Starting 35 years ago with orientalists, it has moved from 19th century artists to modern art.

Three criterias have been defined to select, evaluate and choose works of art (sculpture, painting, drawing, video or photography): First of all, the accent has been made on Swiss artists. Secondly, the focus has been on contemporary artists working aroung the theme of gold or using gold as a media in their works. Finally, works by major artists who do not belong to the two-above-mentionned criterias but who by their work do contribute significantly to the art world.