As a vertically integrated precious metals group, we provide specialty precious metals products and services to a number of industries, from semi-fabricated products for the jewelry and watchmaking sectors through to PGM salts and solutions for the chemical industries.

Industrial PGM Products

1 Industrial PGM Products

Thanks to our engineering and production staff’s extensive technical knowledge and market expertise, the MKS PAMP GROUP can provide high-quality products and customized solutions that serve a wide portfolio of industrial clients. We also offer a full range of PGM chemical compounds and fine metals:

- Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium solutions and salts
- Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium sponges, powders or bars

Semi-fabricated Products

2 Semi-fabricated Products

Metallurgical and engineering expertise is the core proficiencies behind our two group refineries. This allows us to closely collaborate with clients regardless of industrial specialty or need, including:

- Semi-fabricated products for the fine Jewelry and watch industries

- Gold, silver and PGM alloys specific to any technical or aesthetic requirements

- Wires, plates, rods, strips, cases and grains are readily available

- The group is also a leading supplier of coin and medal blanks to government or central banks, commercial banks, and national or private mints. As with all production services, client specifications are met with precision, quality and integrity