Our clients demand the highest quality products, that must also be liquid on the global market and traceable. The MKS PAMP GROUP provides, through its 2 refineries, a wide range of recognised cast bars meeting the highest standards in the industry.

Wide Range of Cast Bars

1 Wide Range of Cast Bars

The group refineries manufacture cast bars in all four major precious metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. The products are available in a wide range of sizes, weights (from 1 Tael to 1000 ounces) and purity. Size and purities are matched to the special requirements of regional markets, industries and end-users.

In addition, all bars can be customised to match our clients’ specific design requirements regarding names, logos or other designs. To learn more, access PAMP's website or MMTC-PAMP's website.


2 Liquidity

MKS PAMP and MMTC-PAMP are LBMA Good Delivery accredited, offering gold and silver products that are recognised and accepted as such worldwide. In addition, PAMP’s platinum and palladium products are also LPPM Good Delivery accredited.

Our bars are deliverable on all major precious metals exchanges, including COMEX/NYMEX (CME), TOCOM and Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE). Additionally, MMTC-PAMP is deliverable on the MCX. As a consequence, our bars are very liquid on markets around the world, a fact that provides reassurance and security to our clients. 

Our brands are highly trusted and recognized throughout the industry. The quality and reputability of MKS PAMP and MMTC-PAMP products are among our most precious assets. 


3 Quality

We pride ourselves in offering the highest possible quality to our customers. Switzerland is at the core of the Group’s identity and quality culture. Our manufacturing standards are widely recognized. The PAMP product quality is verified by independent sworn assayers accredited by the Swiss Federal Bureau for the Control of Precious Metals (Assayer Fondeur).

Both refineries use the highest Swiss engineering skills and the most modern machinery, ensuring the quality of the end-product. In-house engineers constantly work on technical improvements and innovations so that we can provide our clients with the finest products.



4 Leadership

The MKS PAMP GROUP is committed to constantly improving the precious metals universe for the benefit of all stakeholders.

- Provenance™ is a cutting-edge traceability solution that leverages the blockchain technology to track the global precious metal supply chain, from source to end product, guaranteeing responsible sourcing through a transparent approach. The solution permits our clients to pick and choose the origin and the type of metal they want to assure a sustainable supply chain. To learn more, please visit the Provenance webpage.

- VERISCAN® is a breakthrough system that identifies any registered bullion product and aids in detecting counterfeits. The patented technology identifies the metal’s unique microscopic topography, like a fingerprint. Boosting efficiency and greatly reducing risk of counterfeit products, the system enhances the tradability of products bearing the VERISCAN logo for both the trade and public at large.  To learn more, please visit the Veriscan webpage.